8Bit Box

Designers : Frank Crittin & Gregoire Largey
Artist : Djib


Inspired by retrogaming consoles, 8-bit Box is a package providing console-like elements (such as cardboard controllers!) and a series of games to play with. Each game aims to recreate the classic joy of videogames that made everyone’s childhood, while also bringing the thrill of sharing this unique experience with friends as boardgames. As the first ever “boardgame console”, 8-bit Box is a highly-innovative product whose packaging and gaming experience are sure to grab the attention of both videogame and boardgame enthusiasts!

8Bit Box will launch with 3 games to play with :


3-4 players, 15min, 8+

It’s one player against all others! You are in amaze, trying to survive and gather points while avoiding other players trying to trap you!


4-6 players, 20mins, 8+

As the racing course develops, trick others players to be the first to cross the finishing line!


4 or 6 players, 20mins, 8+

In a series of trials with various bidding systems, use your stamina and teamwork well to let your side win!



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